A right-wing Hollywood

“Roast in Hell, Old White Man”, by David Cole.

Hollywood’s moral compass points in only one direction — the wrong way. There is no better example of Hollywood’s inverted sense of morality than the fact that … our Tinseltown “betters” were defending and in some cases bailing out the violent thugs who’d laid waste to dozens of American cities …

Whenever rightists talk about this “new Hollywood” idea, they always phrase it as “we need to compete with the left; we need to tell our stories to counter theirs.” In other words, we need our propaganda out there to counter their propaganda.

And here’s where the “new Hollywood” conservatives miss the big picture: We’re not dealing with “leftist propaganda vs. rightist propaganda”; we’re dealing with leftist propaganda vs. reality. And our nation is dying because reality is losing.

More movies won’t help. …

Haven’t we all (including millennials) been raised on TV shows that portray cops as heroes? Yet regardless of that, anti-cop sentiment is the political order of the day. “Politics is downstream from culture”? Please. Not in a system in which voters who know good from bad and right from wrong stand helpless as even the “good” politicians they elected do nothing to oppose evil and unreason.

Movies can’t fix that level of broken.

The bigger question is, knowing that there are two genders, that police are preferable to rampaging mobs, that nonwhites commit crimes, and that scorned women are capable of lying, how did we come to live in a country where those truths have been upended and damn near nobody in power is willing to speak up for reality?

Of what use is a bunch of films that confirm things we already know to be true, when our knowledge of the truth didn’t stop a band of zealots from turning untruth into canon? The left scored its victories in spite of our knowledge. Because the left always finds a way to bypass the will (and wisdom) of the common man.

Will conservative films persuade more people to vote GOP? So what? We tried voting GOP. How’s that working out? The GOP bows to the mob like everyone else.

Plus, no film made by a “Friend of Abe” would tackle the important issues anyway. Those cowards are scared to death of racial controversies. A “conservative Hollywood” would only give us insipid, flag-waving “we all bleed red” potboilers, the kind of clichéd pap that sentimental Republicans play at max volume to drown out the sounds of a dying nation. …

Trump is ineffective too:

The left is ineffective against Trump? Really? On the big cultural issues — immigration, crime, gender, our burgeoning reverse racial apartheid — Trump has had his ass handed to him. The left has cowed the GOP and infiltrated Trump’s inner circle, and even Neil Gorsuch recites tranny dogma. The left locked us down in quarantine for three months and counting. Mobs of leftists are toppling statues, taking over city blocks, and running unopposed in the streets.

I’d say the left has been pretty damn effective.

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