From the Great Awokening to the Blackening

From the Great Awokening to the Blackening, by Steve Sailer.

The Sixties were driven in sizable measure by a very large cohort of young, bright Jewish Baby Boomers. A friend who taught at Yale in the 1960s said that the intellectual intensity of the freshman class ratcheted upwards notably from the freshmen of Fall 1964 (George W. Bush’s entering class) to Fall 1965, the first year when there was no quota holding down the percentage of Jews at Yale.

This year is the opposite, with childish lowbrow stupidities running amok, like the middle school idea of capitalizing Black but not white.

Having your vanguard minority in 2020 have an average IQ two dozen points lower than your vanguard minority in 1968 makes a big difference.

Also, Jews tend to be male chauvinist, so you get a lot of interesting ideas out of bright young guys showing off in arguments with each other for the girls. In contrast, among blacks, the males aren’t as educated as the females.

The qualitative difference between the 1960s and now is striking. Yes, it is so low-brow now. Also, the 1960s inspired great music. It was attractive, seductive even, but today it’s just forceful and boorish in comparison.