Ordinary People Fear and Loathe Black Lives Matter

Ordinary People Fear and Loathe Black Lives Matter, by James Delingpole in the UK.

Most normal people think Black Lives Matter sucks. And this isn’t because these people are “racist”. It’s because their instincts are right: Black Lives Matter is a really very sinister, unpleasant, race-baiting outfit which merely happens to have fooled a bunch of mostly “educated” liberal useful idiots into thinking it’s a cause so noble as to justify the forcible dismantling of their history, culture, and economy. …

In the real world, most of us are positively seething over this ridiculous breast-beating, racial-division-promoting, surrender to the leftist mob.

I’ve seen private WhatsApp group chats of wealthy Oxbridge college alumni vowing to cancel their bequests to their alma maters because they’re so disgusted at the way they’ve turned so woke. (Good luck with your next fund-raising drive, Oriel College, Oxford!)

I’ve heard encouraging reports from certain police departments — not that I’m going to name them — of police being told by senior officers that if any of them “takes a knee” they’ll face disciplinary action; and that also if anyone tries to pull down statues in their area then they are to go in with maximum force.

There are conversations like this going on across the Western world. Behind closed doors, most people have nothing but contempt for Black Lives Matter and the chaos and misery and destruction and division it is causing.

But they daren’t say this openly because where’s the fire support from the Establishment?

It’s almost non-existent. And the same goes for the mainstream media.