Here is what’s going to happen

Here is what’s going to happen, by Rod Dreher.

The Democrats are going to take power, in part because of Trump Republican incompetence and weakness.

They are going to move to build a Social Credit System to fight “white supremacy,” which will be anything they don’t like. Censorship by Twitter, YouTube and others (you saw YouTube has banned as “hate speech” the video of the detransitioned man expressing regrets about his trans experience?), including demonetizing any independent dissenting media, is going to be part of this.

The US will follow China in going cashless. This will mean that under the Social Credit System, it will be next to impossible to buy or sell or work if the state lists you as anti-social. It’s a lot harder to do this if we keep using cash, so watch the US government, under Democratic rule, push harder to make us cashless.

You think this sounds paranoid, but I’m telling you, this is already happening in China … This is coming here, and as I explain in my forthcoming book Live Not By Lies, ordinary people who have Alexas in their house, and who use smart devices, are preparing the way. The hour is much later than you think. …

Remember what Peter Hitchens said:

Do not worry too much about the statues which are now coming down. They mean surprisingly little. Worry more about the ones they are soon going to be putting up, and what they will represent.

hat-tip Stephen Neil