Black Lives Matter is tribalist, promoting the Black tribe at the expense of all others

Black Lives Matter is tribalist, promoting the Black tribe at the expense of all others, by Greg Sheridan.

The Black Lives Matter website makes an effort to be inclusive but it is deeply ideological. Its aim is not racial equality but advancing black lives. It also seeks to disrupt the nuclear family and end heteronormativity. And it doesn’t much like capitalism. …

The Movement for Black Lives also demands reparations payments for slavery. This is a demented policy. Would African-Americans whose ancestors were not slaves get the reparations payments? Or rich African-Americans? Or mixed-race people? It is a recipe for endless social division and racial grief.

It also demonstrates the extremism of these movements. They are not trying to create, in the tradition of Martin Luther King, a colourblind society. They are trying instead to re-racialise society. This represents the complete repudiation of traditional ­liberalism and the universalism that was always its genius and its moral purpose. …

A lot of movements on the postmodern left have rejected democracy, or some element of the rule of law, in one way or another. Numerous climate-change activists have argued that democracy cannot bring change quickly enough and therefore should be suspended. Numerous MeToo activists reject the normal rule of law, based on the presumption of innocence and the right to trial, with their demand that alleged victims always be believed …

But it is in the rejection by radical activists of the normal understanding of racial equality and equality under the law, as the goal of reform, where left movements have most clearly moved into extremism.

Two books on US bestseller lists demonstrate this. Ibram X. Kendi, in How to be an Anti­racist, … writes: “The language of colour-blindness, the language of not racist, is a mask to hide ­racism.” He also envisages a federal department of anti-racism that could vet all government policies to make sure they do not promote racial ­inequity.

Robin DiAngelo in White Fragility writes: “White identity is inherently racist.” …

You are either for the black tribe, or against it. And if you are not for BLM, then you are a legitimate target for violence:

The sign carried by protesters gives this syndrome of ideas pithy expression: “Your silence is violence.” In other words, unless you are actively part of the BLM movement you are guilty of structural violence and therefore, logically, some violence against you is also justified.

The idea is that it is criminal for you to express any belief that is not part of the approved dogma, and it’s almost especially wicked to uncover or draw attention to any facts that don’t fit the approved narrative. …

Re-racialising society, as the ideologues behind the BLM movement want, is a recipe for endless conflict, for new division and hostility. After a generation or two of that sort of policy, you can rest assured that everyone will hate everyone and politics will be viscerally tribal.

Cannot see this damage being undone any time soon.

The late Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore was something of a professional expert in the area of multi-ethnic societies. He once said:

In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.

Formerly, this wasn’t relevant in Western politics, because the West was overwhelmingly white and Christian. But now with the PC elite importing non-whites and Muslims as quickly as possible, and demonizing Christians, it has all changed. This means that the old politics of arguing about liberty, rights, and the appropriate degree of socialism are fading away, being replaced by a new politics of race and religion. Well, new to the West that is. It’s been predominant in much of the third world for ages.