The Summer of Our Gaslighting Discontent

The Summer of Our Gaslighting Discontent, by Brian Cates.

The constant relentless never-ending gaslighting this Summer and into the Fall will be coming from every direction: from network news channels, from sports channels, from movie-streaming services, from chain restaurants, from many major corporations, and all of them will be delivering the same smothering message.

Ever since Donald Trump shocked them by winning that 2016 election, the Progressive Leftist leadership has been preparing for this sustained ideological blitzkrieg on the rest of America as they go all “1984” on the rest of us.

Very carefully and very deliberately the Progressive Left has spent the past 3 1/2 years positioning its resources and its people for a massive sustained gaslighting campaign they would immerse this entire country in starting the summer before the election. …

Football has become a political propaganda event:

By August, when the NFL’s preseason games start, you’re going to see the network broadcasters go back to showing the anthem before every single game, just so they can show the kneelers and talk about them. …

Every single game will start this way. With a political protest followed by a political lecture disguised as sports coverage. Three months of this. …

The “groundswell” of the BLM revolution is just an illusion

Their power is an illusion. Their numbers are tiny.

It’s all fake. There **is** no “huge cultural shift here in America” away from its supposedly “systemic racist” roots. It’s all an illusion. Tiny Marxist mobs are running around pulling down statues and dancing on top of them, celebrating the erasure of the ‘racist past’.

All this is going to end up doing is enraging all the normal people in the blue states.

Believe you me, every single sane American citizen in this country that can vote is going to be properly motivated to do that by the time November 3 gets here. …

4 ½ months of being relentlessly ideologically assaulted by this 1984 cult rabidly yelling at us if we’re ‘down for the glorious cause’ and are we ‘ready to join the revolution yet’ and **prove** we have embraced their Big Brother by taking the knee and saying the words. …

There is a cultural shift (Brexit, Trump, etc.), but it’s in the other direction:

There actually has been a dramatic cultural shift in this country over the past few years. But it’s been in the wrong direction as far as these Marxist losers are concerned.

So, the Herculean task the Progressive Left here in America to set itself up to fail at is this: They have to hide the real cultural shift while manufacturing a fake one. …

All the “power” of these tiny Marxist goon squads and their corporate benefactors is an illusion. It’s not real. It only looks impressive and powerful when it’s seen through the lens of popular and social media.

From now until the US election will be the most intense round of politically-correct fantasies promoted by the left and the media. Everything is at maximum. Reality and truth are being deluged and hidden by an avalanche of lies by a relatively tiny brigade of self-interested political operatives and their young dupes.

The number of rioters and black-worshipping racists is a couple of million activists, out of 330 million Americans. Most are not going to be fooled. Nonetheless, the corporate and bureaucratic climate is such that anyone who speaks out against the nonsense risks getting fired.