China: The nature of the beast

China: The nature of the beast, by David Archibald.

Where are we up to in China’s timetable for going to war?  Numerous anecdotal reports suggest very high up.


In Hong Kong, to take just one example, the television airwaves are saturated with calls to war.  Here is one description from the comments section on this recent American Thinker article:

I have all the available mainland channels at my house. The news has been little more than order-of-battle information for the last six years. It seems they devote around 75% of news programming to it.

Popular TV shows are heavily weighted to past wars, especially the Second Sino-Japanese War, and military dramas. A current running commercial talks about the sacrifices the military has made (where????) and ends with a blind soldier in uniform saluting viewers with his missing right hand.

The population of China is being psychologically prepped for war. …

It would be hard to top having a blind, maimed soldier in your domestic propaganda, and it would be hard to back down from taking the propaganda to that pitch.  So China’s internal propaganda is suggesting that China’s war of choice is not too far off now. …

It is unfortunate that Russia has been demonized for partisan political purposes in recent years. The threat is not “Russia and China”; it is just China. Standard geopolitical operating practice on the Eurasian landmass is to ally with the second power to thwart the first power, as we did in WWII. And Stalin’s Russia was a lot more odious than the current regime in power in Russia now.