There are Now Two Versions of the Law in the USA. Equality under the Law is Being Abandoned.

There are Now Two Versions of the Law in the USA. Equality under the Law is Being Abandoned. By Tucker Carlson.

Racism is becoming institutionalized. Equality under the law has been crumbling for decades, but has now ended. Many on the left are now above the law, or it isn’t applied to them. Discrimination is back.

[Democrats] don’t lie to themselves. They understand there is a revolution in progress. The death of George Floyd may have sparked widespread outrage. They may share that outrage. But they know that what is happening now has very little to do with George Floyd, or with people like him. Like all revolutions, the point is to destroy the current system and replace it with something new. But replace it with what? That’s the question the rest of us should be asking. We should know what’s coming.

We know what we have now. Our current system has been in place for hundreds of years. It is based on a simple idea: all people are created by God with equal moral value. Period. Every one of them. For that reason — and that reason alone — all Americans will be treated equally under the laws of the United States. In this country, we will judge you for what you do, not how you were born. That idea has been the defining principle of America since the 18th century. It’s the main reason we are the fairest society in the world. It’s the reason people move here. To the extent America has failed to live up to that principle, we are ashamed of it. We should be. Equality is the most important thing we have.

Now, for the first time in our history, we are witnessing a broad and powerful attack on that principle. Daily, we are told that all people are not, in fact, created equal. Some were born with moral stain. Others weren’t. Some Americans are guilty, some are innocent. Nothing can change this. It was determined at birth. All we can do is respond accordingly. People in favored groups must be held to one standard. Those in disfavored, morally tainted groups, must be held to another. The country will retain one set of laws, for the sake of formality, but we must apply those laws in very different ways, according to the DNA and background of the accused.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because the kind of system we just described — a system based on heredity and blood guilt — has been very common in history. It was the rule in feudal Europe, for example, and in the totalitarian regimes on that continent more recently. It’s still in practice in parts of the world. In North Korea, children are sent to prison camps for the sins of their ancestors. We’ve seen it here too. You may have wondered how politicians justified practices as perverse as slavery and Jim Crow. Simple: By arguing that all people were not created equal. Some had lesser moral value from birth. These people carried the stain of sin. You were allowed to treat them differently, based on who they were.

At the time, many understood that this was a lie. Slavery persisted for hundreds of years, but there were always some in authority who considered it evil — not just because it was abusive, which of course it was, but because its existence violated the central principle of America. They were right. Where are those people now?

Look around. Is anyone in power defending absolute equality under the law? If there was ever a time to remind America that we all have equal value under God, that time is right now. But no. No one in charge is saying that. Our leaders are cowards when we need them to be brave. They’re muddled when we need them to think clearly. It’s possible they no longer even believe in equality.

Watch it all.