The Guardian facing calls to ‘shut down’ over founder’s use of slaves and siding against Lincoln in US Civil War

The Guardian facing calls to ‘shut down’ over founder’s use of slaves and siding against Lincoln in US Civil War, by Alexander Brown.

Originally called the Manchester Guardian, the paper was founded in 1821 by John Edward Taylor using profits from a cotton plantation that used slaves. …

Now with a growing backlash against statues linked to slavery and racism, hundreds have signed a petition taking aim at the Guardian’s history.

This petition to shut the paper down has been organised by novelist Tony Parsons, who tweeted: “Shameful links to slave-owning Confederate south. Built on the profits of cotton fields. Shut down The Guardian Newspaper.” …

One wrote: … “The Guardian may never have been established without financial benefits arising from slavery.” …

During the US Civil War the paper had sided with the southern Confederates against [Republican] President Lincoln who wanted to abolish slavery.

Hilarious. The unprincipled and dopey left is eating itself. The same happened in the French Revolution, and in every other lefty ideological revolution. The purity spiral is fueled by virtue-signalling and personal ambitions. There are no sensible stopping points, because the ideology is not sensible. They are damned by their own ideological contradictions and pretensions.

1st edition, 1821. Not woke enough, so kill its descendants.

Stephen comments:

It’s not often one has the opportunity to use the exotic Shakespearean phrase,” hoist with his own petard” (a petard being a bomb fixed to a door, incidentally). Well, the ever-growing Cancel Culture monster has now singled out, horror of horrors, The Guardian, that sainted ‘newspaper’ that has long set the agenda for the BBC and all good lefties everywhere. Where The Grauniad (as it is affectionately known due to its perpetual spelling errors
and typos) goes, so goes the hate-filled, loony left.

It turns out that The Manchester Guardian was founded using cotton plantation profits, those profits coming from the labour of slaves. Oh, the delicious irony; the schadenfreude (a word only the Germans could coin) of it all!

The holier than thou Guardian, which sows racial division and attacks the country that spawned it at every turn, is now a target for the mob. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch as they say in the classics.

Now that The Guardian must go, so must Cottonopolis (ie. Manchester) itself. Tear it all down! And while we are at it let’s blow up the pyramids (tut-tut — more slave usage) for breakfast and then we can destroy the Taj Mahal for lunch.

All in all this is a great game that can be played for hours and hours by the whole family until the whole world is destroyed. What fun! You have to admire the left — they never do anything by halves. With fundamentalists it’s always full throttle ahead until destruction results.

hat-tip Stephen Harper