No one attempted to stop Democratic power grab. Conservatives AWOL.

No one attempted to stop Democratic power grab. Conservatives AWOL. By Tucker Carlson.

Where were the Republicans to protect the population from BLM and the Democrats?

Meanwhile nearly everywhere, ordinary Americans came under attack for the color of their skin. Acts of actual racism, where people were being hurt for their race, something they can’t control, something they were born with.

And yet no Republicans rose to defend them. Republicans refused to defend even the principle of equality under the law. …

The message unfortunately could not be clearer. Voting is for fools. You vote, you put these people into office with your vote, and in return they patronize you. And when it matters, they abandon you. They have contempt for you. You know they do, you can smell it, it’s obvious. Voting doesn’t work.

But when you riot, and you burn things and you hurt people, you get a very different response. When you do those things, our leaders snap to attention. They tiptoe around your feelings, as Republicans are. They give you want you want, as Republicans are. Rioting works. …

Crisis has revealed the truth. Now we know who the Republicans are. Now it’s time to find new leaders.

Expect more riots. It’s getting more serious.

Rod Dreher:

Trump is weak. There are bound to be tens of millions of Americans watching these atrocities, watching their country being seized from them by anarchists, racists, children of the professional class and their cowardly, self-hating parents. They’re watching while cities burn, and the police stand down. They are watching their fathers — the fathers of their country — shat on by the mobs of demons.

They are not going to sit back and take this forever. Something is coming.

Tucker for President, in 2024.

hat-tip Stephen Neil