This Time it’s Different: Total War by the Left

This Time it’s Different: Total War by the Left. By the Z-Man.

The general pattern in American politics, at least from the perspective of normal White people, is that the Left gets carried away with itself, then there is a snap-back followed by a calm period of putting things back in order. For example, by 1985, most normal White people thought the books were closed on the cultural revolution of the 1960’s, even if the irritants had not been removed. The culture had developed the necessary callouses to carry on with the important functions of life.

Margaret Thatcher called this the ratchet effect. The Left would push society to the left, there would be a click and that’s where things would stay for a while. Everyone would get used to the new normal, finding a way to make things work. There was never a return to the old ways, as roll back was always impossible. For the Left, what they have, they keep, so rollback requires a continuation of the bloody war that the normal white people seek to end. There is never a rollback.

This pattern has always been a secret solace to normal White people. You see it with the current ructions. They quietly seethe in front of their televisions and post their displeasure on-line. The underlying assumption is that “they have gone too far and they will pay for this.” The Democrats will pay for it at the ballot box and the sports leagues will pay for it at the box office. It is a coping strategy that the Left now takes for granted, allowing them to operate with impunity.

Paradoxically the restraint and sobriety of normal White people may be the cause of this total war that has been unleashed on them. It is a total war. Everywhere White people are finding themselves threatened for the smallest indiscretion. A White presenting man was fired for holding his hand in an impious position. He may be the first Mexican fired for White supremacy. A Vermont school principal was suspended from his job for an insufficient enthusiasm for his new black masters. …

This is a total war on White people. This means the symbols, the habits, the structure of society itself. This total war is not just fanatics in the streets smashing things. This is a total war launched and funded by the people in charge of American society. As we see with what’s happening in Atlanta, it is a war motivated by vengeance. Blacks and their enablers feel they are justified in whatever they do to harm White society. There are no limits.

Despite normal White people trying hard to ignore what’s happening in the hope it will peter out and they can joyously clean up the mess, it may be impossible to hide in that dream this time. Unlike the past, where the people in charge pulled back after things went too far, the people in charge are now leading the charge into madness. Big tech is pushing this stuff hard.

Commenter Svengali Jim:

Damn our White ‘decency’. Despite our legacy as the very builders of civilization, modern Whites can’t (yet) even coalesce into a cohesive structure to stare down the chaotic and barely organized left. We have jobs. We love our families. We hope to enjoy the fruits of our labors. We don’t, in short, rock the boat, for we have everything to lose.