US Federal Reserve Moves US One Step Closer to Fascism

US Federal Reserve Moves US One Step Closer to Fascism, by Robert Wenzel.

In communism, the state owns everything except personal property. In fascism, private ownership is permitted, but the state can commandeer any asset and direct how it is to be used. In fascism, the state plays a large role in allocating capital and deciding what is to be produced.

The Fed announced today that it plans to add to its lending purchases by outright buying corporate bonds. It said that it will create a corporate bond portfolio that would be based on a broad, diversified market index of corporate bonds. …

It must be emphasized that the Fed is doing this because the free markets are not allocating funds in this manner. If these allocations were being done on the free market, the Fed would not need to step in.

This is nothing but the allocation of funds, via Fed money printing, in the sectors favored by the Fed. It is early stage corporate fascism.

US Federal Reserve building, Washington D.C.

What history does this rhyme with?