If white people rioted every time a black man killed them, we’d never have any peace

If white people rioted every time a black man killed them, we’d never have any peace. By Edward Welsch.

I often remembered fondly the residential neighborhoods of South Minneapolis. These locales have green, fenced-in yards and leafy avenues but are still walking distance of the good food and drinks in the urban center. …

The Shire has been scourged. I read with alarm over the weekend police scanner transcripts reporting that rioters armed with clubs and pipes were spotted roaming through these neighborhoods after being dispersed from Lake Street by the National Guard. Then, I watched videos of Minneapolis police and National Guard troops marching down those residential streets, firing pepper balls at the residents who broke curfew to gawk at the military procession from their porches. …

Meanwhile, I strongly suspect that neither the opportunists on the left nor the panderers on the right really care anything about the death of George Floyd. If they did, where are the outrage and virtue-signaling tweets after a retired black policeman in St. Louis was murdered trying to defend a store? Not to mention four more police shot in that city, and another in Las Vegas on life support after taking a rioter’s bullet to the head?

For that matter, in 2017, an unarmed white woman named Justine Damond was fatally shot in Minneapolis by a black Somali cop named Mohamed Noor. There was no violent looting while the mourners of Damond patiently awaited justice. Nor was there rioting earlier that year when a mentally handicapped white boy was kidnapped and tortured in the suburbs of Chicago by four black thugs, who shouted epithets directed at “Trump” and “white people” as they beat him. Nor were any fires set last year when a white man resting outside Minneapolis’s Target Field suffered an unprovoked, random assault from a dozen or so black people. After being beaten down, several of the assaulters jumped on his ribcage with both feet, stripped him of his pants, and smashed heavy flowerpots down on him. One person rode over him on a bicycle. This incident hardly registered a blip on the consciousness of Minneapolis, let alone for the nation or the rest of the world.

Much of the left now says that all whites are “racist”, and that people of color cannot be racist. Also, that racism needs to be eliminated. Figure it out.