Imagine that? Coronavirus flew in to UK at least 1,356 times — Open Borders is deadly

Imagine that? Coronavirus flew in to UK at least 1,356 times — Open Borders is deadly. By Joanne Nova.

New research of the WuFlu “gene” lineage in the UK show that the virus kept being introduced via planes, trains and cars. The entire time that UK residents were being restricted in lockdown, tens of thousands of people were allowed to bring virus in through the border. Sabotage or Incompetence? The single failure to quarantine arrivals in the UK means the lockdown has gone on longer than it needed, cost more than it had too, has been less successful, and now, as the UK reopens, it does it with infections still running, when it could be doing it “like New Zealand”. …

The study, by the Covid-19 Genomics UK consortium (Cog-UK), … analyzed data from 16,506 UK genomes, and another 12,000 genomes from other countries. So they looked at about 5% of the known coronavirus infections in the UK (which is still an impressive sample). So when they say 1,300 separate infections arrived, the researchers admit “We expect the number is an underestimate”. …

Proof that lockdown works:

Many UK transmission lineages now appear to be very rare or extinct, as they have not been detected by genome sequencing for >4 weeks. …

Most of the 1,356 lineages lasted for a month or so and died out. If those variants had successful spread and mutated they would look different to what they did on March 1 but there would still be a continuous chain of changes. The lineage wouldn’t have died out.

The lockdown wiped out most lineages.

It’s also proof that open borders let in the virus. New lineages are still coming in from outside the UK.

You won’t hear much about this important study, because the covid debate has polarized into two political camps:

  1. Crush-the-curve. The mainstream media and most western governments are in this camp. Although the left is in this camp,  so are a lot of non-left folks who can see how virus spreads. The media is always exaggerating the dangers of covid. But because the deep state and left want open borders, this study is ignored or misquoted by this camp. It would only reveal the sabotage the deep state has done to the lockdown efforts in the UK and US by not shutting the borders completely except to peple who undergo a strict and mandatory two-week quarantine (like in Australia) .
  2. Anti-lockdown. The right think-tanks and websites — after a month of initially following the known science on viruses — swerved and adopted a common approach. Perhaps that’s because they are funded by business people who see their income threatened by lockdown. Now, any non-left site that says anything that is not anti-lockdown gets bombarded by rude commenters who deliberately fail to acknowledge the most salient facts, who quote studies wrongly (e.g. the Iceland study fiasco), and who selectively quote studies (e.g. one Stanford study but not the other). Obviously politically motivated. Most non-left sites soon either adopted the anti-lockdown line or went quiet. This camp pretend that the choice on virus policy is between flatten-the-curve and herd immunity, while ignoring crush-the-curve — which is what is in fact being implemented in most of Asia and the West. They even claim that lockdowns don’t work, so this study — which apparently proves them wrong — is being ignored by them.

Between these two political camps are a relatively small number of independent sites (but, I suspect, most readers). Further proof that politics and truth aren’t always happy bedfellows.