Know Your Enemy: China

Know Your Enemy: China. By David Archibald.

If you want to understand why China will attack us, the place to start is the old U.S. Department of War film, Know Your Enemy: Japan, made the last time we were attacked by a major Asian power that was transitioning from its feudal past. …

Consider the implications of this poster for a popular Chinese movie, Wolf Warrior 2, a jingoist Chinese-produced movie of 2017:

The Chinese characters at the top of the poster translate as “Anyone who offends China, no matter how remote, must be exterminated.” This is what passes for popular entertainment in China these days. The significance of that sentence is that China considers the extermination of others as something very casual. ….

Anyone in China currently suggesting that peaceful coexistence would be a good idea is denounced as a traitor. Some in the country are frothing at the mouth at Taiwan, the separate existence of which is an intolerable affront. The CCP is trying to tone that talk down. It is not a good idea to start a race war by attacking fellow Chinese. In fact it looks like China has not made any specific preparations for invading Taiwan.

Examination of satellite imagery suggests that not a single cubic yard of concrete has been poured on the mainland side of the Taiwan Strait to aid an attack on Taiwan, no helipads and no radar stations or anything else. To the north, China has built helipads and radar stations in the Nanji Islands for the attack on Japan’s Senkaku Islands. And to the south China has buildings and highways made for the attack on Vietnam.

An attack on Taiwan would be too much of a meat-grinder for China and they are likely to envelop it first before demanding surrender.