Because White People Are Bad

Because White People Are Bad, by Steve Sailer.

The single most relevant fact for understanding America right now is the one you are least supposed to mention: Blacks are vastly more homicidal than any other racial or ethnic group.

Nobody seems to know this when thinking about the reality behind our ongoing Largely Peaceful Riots, although, oddly, the same folks seem to know it when thinking about where to buy real estate or listening to rap.

While it may seem as if America’s Establishment has suddenly gone insane, elites are just following out the inevitable logic of dogmas mandated decades ago.

As I’ve been pointing out for approaching thirty years now, the rationale of mainstream left-of-centrism eventually leads to some extraordinarily radical and impractical conclusions. The current craziness is rooted in ideas that seemed rather moderate when they first became mandatory. But, as Lenin liked to point out, “He who says ‘A’ must say ‘B.’” The bill for starting from dishonest premises is now coming due.

For decades, we’ve been shielded from the full brunt of this worldview by the sensible hypocrisy of most of its subscribers. But call-out culture is reducing that societal safety margin.

For example, in the latter decades of the 20th century it became increasingly verboten to publicly acknowledge the lower average intelligence and higher average homicide rate of African-Americans.

This was not because the scientists who painstakingly documented these massively important facts about American society were proven wrong. Instead, they won the extensive arguments in the academic literature.

No, it was precisely because the evidence for the validity of these behavioral disparities was so overwhelming that it was driven out of public discussion. It was felt that mentioning the social science would be bad for the self-esteem of blacks. …

But what goes unsaid eventually becomes unthinkable. …

For example, something that has become clear over the past two weeks is that virtually nobody in the public sphere is much aware anymore, in one sense, of the fundamental statistical reality of American society, which explains (along with much else) more than anything else about why blacks get in trouble with the law so often: Blacks are far more homicidal than any other group. …

A 2011 Penn State study estimated the true black-to-white homicide ratio to be 11.7 to 1.

Yet virtually nobody has mentioned this reality in the mainstream media in weeks or perhaps years. …

Society’s most treasured faith has become that blacks must be as intelligent and law-abiding as everybody else is on average. So, the only explanation allowed for why they don’t act that way is because White People Are Bad.

The logic of this centrist creed implies that, therefore, steps must be taken to Abolish Whiteness.

Much as we noted a few days ago.

hat-tip Stephen Harper