The uncivil war killing liberalism in the West: Political correctness triumphing over reality

The uncivil war killing liberalism in the West: Political correctness triumphing over reality, by Paul Kelly.

Many Western democracies have succumbed to the malaise, the US most disastrously, with Australia still conspicuous as a holdout. The malaise is the erosion of the political centre — the once great middle-class suburban stability, anchor of family life, aspiration and widely shared cultural norms. …

As the PC version moves further and further away from reality, it becomes harder and harder to be both politically correct and vaguely realistic. At some point you have to either throw in your lot with today’s political narrative, or you decide you’re going to stick with reality. Increasingly you have to choose one or the other, as they become more and more incompatible.

The ethic of liberalism as an idea that both honoured individual liberty and provided principles by which human beings of all races and creeds could live, work, trade and conduct politics short of war and civil unrest is being discredited.

When the political narrative insists certain groups are favored, or unreal policy objectives be pursued at all costs, trouble looms.

… liberalism means equality before the law regardless of race, equal access to healthcare and education on the principle of universalism. …

Not any more, as Paul notes. Unequal opportunities are required to achieve equal outcomes (because — and the PC mob deny this, but it’s true — groups are not statistically identical).

The essence of liberalism has been treating people as people regardless of race, gender, sex, religion, age and ethnicity. This idea is now being dismantled in both the US and Australia under the flawed notion of progressive social justice. …

The progressive mantra is that Western liberalism is immoral with its tolerance of colonialism, invasion, racism, inequality, climate cowardice, sexism and patriarchy. While Australians are pragmatic and responsive to sensible changes in the liberal status quo, progressivism demands a new moral order that unnerves and divides the community. It is about power. It sees every issue in terms of a victim class and an oppressor class. It is more interested in power than solutions. It demands people change their values to fit its moral impositions and it is disgusted by how liberalism has tolerated so many reactionary views.

The PC mob chooses the things you must believe (but which are not true) in such a way that the PC people (especially those near the top of the political pyramid) get power, good jobs, money, status, etc. Sheer coincidence, I’m sure.

Paul Kelly apparently doesn’t see the big picture and his part in betraying the liberal ideal.

Follow the line of politically correct lies that led to the riots in the US, and which are spilling over throughout the West:

  • Blank state theory, that all large groups of people (especially races) have the same statistical properties. The PC mob insist that distributions of intelligence, footspeed, etc are the same in all such groups. Only the most obvious differences such as height or skin color are conceded, because some realities are just too obvious for the gaslighters to deny.
  • Racial IQ differences in the US are zero on average, according to the PC crowd. In reality, as evidenced by millions of tests over a century by the US military and by mountains of academic inquiries (it is the best studied question in all of social sciences), there is a large difference in the distributions. African-American averages  are about a standard deviation lower than the European-American distribution. PC denial of this evidence (while claiming “science”!) is aggressive.
  • Over large groups, there are strong correlations of intelligence with doing better at school, better jobs, better incomes, less criminality, better health, and more stable family formation. (Though, on an individual level, intelligence is not a particularly strong predictor.)
  • Society in the US has bent over backwards since the 1960s to see to it that all races get equal chances. Affirmative action has taken that further to overcompensate for historic racial disadvantage, and yet it still does not create “equal outcomes”, and it comes at the cost of truly talented African Americans who don’t need schemes or artificially lower entrance cut offs.
  • As a group, African-Americans in the US do not do as well statistically as European-Americans on all those outcomes above that correlate with intelligence. That isn’t in dispute, only the reasons for it. The PC mob attribute black under-performance to “white privilege”. This is not due to anything specific that anyone can point to, because all the specific causes of racism have been erased or even reversed over the last five decades. The PC crew blames “white racism” for all the statistical disparities.
  • Because the PC crew have convinced most of the US of the existence of white privilege and that it is due to white racism, they are eager to agitate by any means possible for the correction of this “obvious evil”. It’s a moral outrage, of course it needs to be corrected! Any trigger, such as an incident of police brutality towards a black person, can start a riot and upheaval. (The statistics prove that police in the US treat all races about equally, but that’s not politically correct either.)
  • But the alleged reason for the riots does not exist, in reality. It is all based on the sequence of PC lies outlined above.

It’s a shame people like Paul Kelly didn’t use their platforms over the past few decades to insist on the truth. If the lies had been tackled early, at the first two bullet points above, this PC tragedy could have been easily stopped. Once you concede that first point, the rest follow.

By letting it fester, by conceding to one lie after another in order to keep the peace and still be “friends” with the PC crowd, Kelly and co. have allowed the current monstrosities to reign.

hat-tip Stephen Neil