Shut down all police movies and TV shows. Now.

Shut down all police movies and TV shows. Now. By Alyssa Rosenberg, in the ever-PC Washington Post.

There’s something Hollywood can do to put its money where its social media posts are: immediately halt production on cop shows and movies and rethink the stories it tells about policing in America.

For a century, Hollywood has been collaborating with police departments

The result is an addiction to stories that portray police departments as more effective than they actually are; crime as more prevalent than it actually is; and police use of force as consistently justified. There are always gaps between reality and fiction, but given what policing in America has too often become, Hollywood’s version of it looks less like fantasy and more like complicity.

The move is on to defund police. Way to solve the non-existent problem of racial disparities in police brutality! Not really what it’s about. If the PC crew control the mobs, unchecked by police, they get to rule everyone. With no police, thugs rule, so whoever controls the thugs is king.

Steve Sailer:

[Hollywood depicts] criminals as vastly whiter than they actually are …

Specifically, they can’t make realistic big city cop shows because nobody wants to watch 60 minutes per week of Blacks Behaving Badly. Watching black knuckleheads screw up over and over and over is boring and depressing. That’s why TV writers make up fantasies about white criminal masterminds to bring to justice.

It’s all about power, so defund the police:

hat-tip Stephen Neil