Menacing Australian ABC playing with the fires of race resentment

Menacing Australian ABC playing with the fires of race resentment, by Andrew Bolt.

Race riots are destroying the US. Yet the ABC is now trying to import the toxic race politics that inspired this mayhem into Australia. …

“Australians need to turn their outrage at police brutality in the US to action in their own backyard,” preached the ABC’s Triple J. …

The ABC’s AM program promoted Floyd-inspired protests against our own alleged police brutality, and let an activist claim — unchallenged — that Aborigines were “unsafe” and “dying at the hands of police” because of “racism”.

[ABC’s Radio National Breakfast presenter Fran] Kelly pushed the same grievance: “Those race riots over in America have helped turn attention here at home to the 440 First Nations people who’ve died in custody since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody nearly 30 years ago.

“Too many First Australians are dying in custody … some of it by police behaviour.”

But Kelly was hyping an inflammatory myth. As that royal commission concluded: “Aboriginal people in custody do not die at a greater rate than non-Aboriginal people in custody.”

What’s more: “Commissioners did not find that the deaths were the product of deliberate violence or brutality by police or prison officers.”

Yet the ABC keeps promoting the “black deaths in custody” canard — while virtually ignoring the far greater number of black-on-black killings, like that of an 18-year-old mother in the Pilbara last month whose body was dumped in a wheelie bin. …

Australia had its own George Floyd moment in 2015, says the ABC:

As Kelly sold the story: “Dunghutti man David Dungay … uttered ‘I can’t breathe’ 12 times before he died in a Sydney prison hospital in 2015 after being restrained by guards. …

“Australia had its own George Floyd moment,” lectured ABC indigenous affairs correspondent Isabella Higgins on Tuesday, complaining: “No one has ever been charged for Dungay’s death.” …

Yes, Dungay died in Long Bay jail after being restrained and crying “I can’t breathe”. …

[But] Dungay had chronic schizophrenia and was acutely psychotic. He also had diabetes and was spotted by warders eating biscuits.

They told him to stop. He was a danger to himself — tests that day had shown his blood sugar was far too high.

Dungay refused and got agitated. Warders held him down so a nurse could sedate him.

He did say he couldn’t breathe, but from the video you can hear he shouted it, not gasped it. Most of the warders thought he was foxing.

He wasn’t. Tragically, he died, but the coroner ruled no one was to blame. Not only had the warders been trying to help, but Dungay hadn’t been suffocated. His heart gave out.

The coroner blamed his cardiac arrhythmia on “longstanding, poorly controlled type I diabetes, hyperglycaemia, prescription of antipsychotic medication … elevated body mass index, a degree of likely hypoxaemia caused by prone restraint, and extreme stress and agitation as a result of the events”.

How does stirring up race resentment help the ABC and its causes? Same as it helps the left in the the USA.