The Bonfire of the Insanities

The Bonfire of the Insanities, by Steve Sailer.

White elites are currently fantasizing that they can use the People of Color mob of young looters to overthrow Trump, somewhat like in Georgia in 2003 and Ukraine in 2014. …

The Democratic Party … saw itself as so morally beholden to blacks that it … went for that nice Joe Biden, because he was such a properly deferential flunky to America’s first black president. Joe, however, is not getting any younger. …

So, perhaps as Plan B, the Deep State could use the latest Twitter brouhaha over some knuckleheaded black criminal who got himself killed while resisting arrest to gin up a medium-size race war and then…something…something…something…and Trump flees to exile in Dubai!

But, as you may have noticed over the past week, America’s People of Color aren’t really up to the organizational demands of pulling off a Ukraine/Georgia-style Color Revolution. They’re less suited for engineering a coup than for boosting Air Jordans and Yeezys. So, ironically, the blue-state elites’ favorite pets are now smashing up Santa Monica and SoHo, because blue cities have cooler shoe stores than Trump’s Flyover Country.

Indeed, the main strategic innovation of this latest set of riots has been that instead of just robbing the Korean- or Arab-owned liquor store in your own slummy neighborhood, you drive to a nice part of town and steal stuff you saw a Kardashian wear on TV.

Irony and double-speak overdrive:

White Americans have made vast efforts over the past sixty years to exterminate all manifestations of white racism. And yet, each new generation of black youths still likes to loot shoe stores.

It’s a puzzlement.

The now-dominant view is not, exactly, that all men are equal. Instead, it’s that all races are equal, but some are much more equal than others. In particular, African-Americans are the equalest people on earth.

Blacks are so equal that they are just racially superior to everybody else at sports, music, dance, acting, and comedy. (Which they might be.)

And blacks are, obviously, no worse than equal to everybody else at theoretical physics, contract law, and mechanical engineering.

Obviously. … Only a vile racist might have any doubts. …

Straight-speaking again:

What America needs to do is treat blacks as human beings with free will who when they make good choices should enjoy the benefits and when they make bad choices should experience the consequences. Instead, The Establishment views blacks as our Sacred Cows, above criticism, but beneath agency.

hat-tip Stephen Neil