Liberal Governors and Mayors Mugged by Reality in George Floyd Fallout

Liberal Governors and Mayors Mugged by Reality in George Floyd Fallout, by John Kass.

Liberal Democratic governors and mayors have been mugged by reality. They’re suffering from shock, as violence and looting rage on. And what else do we see?

Their hands bitten to the bone by the hard political left that they once thought they could use and tame.

There were legitimately angry yet peaceful protests decrying the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd…

But then the protests were hijacked by the politically violent. The anarchists and gangs of urban looters stained Floyd’s memory. And Americans bear witness to the chaos as they watch on their screens at home.

Police have been shot, overwhelmed by rioters. Lawyers (yes, lawyers) in New York were arrested after allegedly attempting to firebomb a police car with NYPD officers inside. A woman was savagely beaten trying to protect her business from looters in Rochester, New York, or was that Philadelphia?

Food stores in urban food deserts have been destroyed, as have the downtowns of many of the great cities, Chicago among them, which suspended its much-needed school meal pickup program for hungry children, most of them minorities.

And everywhere there are shards of broken glass, like shattered dreams, on the ground.

The looters roll on into the suburbs. And suburban soccer moms, with their guilt and their “Hate Has No Home Here” signs in their front lawns, download police scanner apps and wonder where they can buy a gun.

This is what happens when the people no longer trust their government to protect them. …

Where are the Democrats? Electorally speaking, between a rock and a hard left.

While Trump goes for the law-and-order-vote, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, is conflicted.

He wants African American votes, without which Democrats can’t win in November. …

Consider the establishment Democrats now, as violence has hijacked several George Floyd protests in key battleground states.

Now these mayors and governors cringe and make mewing sounds of appeasement, caught as they are between their hard-left political base and the growing disillusionment of voters.

Winston Churchill, who understood them well, once said.

“Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough it will eat him last.”