Epic Thread Showing Media Hypocrisy Over Protests

Epic Thread Showing Media Hypocrisy Over Protests, by Bonchie.

The media have absolutely lost their minds. Just a few weeks ago, they were decrying peaceful protests pushing back on some of the draconian coronavirus lockdowns, claiming that such events would kill people and cause the virus to spread. If you went to the beach or the park, you were a selfish, irresponsible jerk trying to kill people’s grandmothers. Just seven days ago, I wrote this piece about media reactions to people swimming in a literal pool of disinfectant at the Lake of the Ozarks.

That’s all changed, though. The massive riots currently going on across the country have apparently cured the coronavirus, as the media are in full support, with CNN once again tonight urging people to get out and “protest.”

Matt Walsh, noticing this sudden flip-flop, dropped a pretty great thread showing just how the media treated protestors prior to the past week. …

I wrote on this idea that anyone who protests doesn’t deserve medical care, noting that the same argument is never used when people protest the police, nor should it be. The fact that people protest is not a reason to deny them medical care or police protection. Yet, the media were fine with suggesting conservatives be left to die if they catch the virus while protesting. …

All that concern, all that hand wringing is gone because these protests advance a narrative the media like. That’s the only reason they’ve so quickly and thoroughly changed their disposition. A week ago, you were basically committing manslaughter if you left your house. But tonight people can loot with impunity and CNN will make excuses for them.

Read it all to see more hypocritical tweets.

By the way, if there is a surge of covid cases due to all this outdoor “protesting” (and it might be weak, because covid spread has mostly been indoors), it won’t be in two weeks, but four. The people “protesting” are mostly young, and therefore less likely to show symptoms when they catch it. But, when they go home, they will spread it to the people they live with. In which manner a cohort of older people may catch it, and present to hospitals in about four weeks (i.e. in two incubation periods or spread cycles).