Democrats: Defund or Abolish the Police

Democrats: Defund or Abolish the Police. By John Hinderaker. The obvious solution to their feverish imaginations full of police brutality.

There is a movement going on now, believe it or not, to abolish the police. That phrase is ubiquitous in social media and is being taken seriously by many Democratic politicians. …

Check out this screed by Aisha Gomez, a member — believe it or not — of the Minnesota legislature. It is titled “Police Abolition.”

Beloved Community,

This is why we talk about police abolition.

There is no reform that can fix this system. No training or body camera or coaching or diversification effort or outside investigation or toothless oversight body that can fix this.

The rot in police departments is the rot in our political and social systems, crystallized and heavily armed. It is a reflection of our country, built on the enslavement of African people and the genocide and dispossession of Native people, reliant on exploited immigrant labor to enforce the racialized social order and help the powerful accumulate wealth.

This insane version of American history is the orthodoxy of the Democratic Party.

The police exist to uphold this social order, with deadly force when necessary. Like they did on 38th and Chicago last week, with a knee on George Floyd’s neck as he said he couldn’t breathe and begged for his life.

How was George Floyd a threat to the social order? How did his tragic death “help the powerful accumulate wealth?” Who knows?

The origins of policing in the U.S. are in slave patrols that hunted liberated enslaved people and quelled uprisings.

Can anyone possibly take this nonsense seriously? Law enforcement has been universally regarded as essential by every society for hundreds of years. It has nothing to do with slavery.

Ummm, the police and Minnesota are solidly Democrat, controlled by the left for decades:

Beyond its sheer stupidity, what is most striking about Gomez’s screed is that it never mentions the actual realities of the Minneapolis police department, preferring to dwell in a weird fantasy world where Minnesota is a land of slave hunters.

The fact is that every single person who has any ability to change Minneapolis’s police department is a member of the left wing of Gomez’s own DFL Party — Governor Tim Walz, Mayor Jacob Frey, and every member of the Minneapolis City Council (with the exception of one Green Party member). And the principal obstacle to reform, here as elsewhere in the world of government, is the police officers’ union. But the public sector unions are, far and away, the principal funders of Gomez’s DFL Party. …

Even in the corrupt world of politics, we don’t often see dishonesty of this breathtaking magnitude.