Democrats at War

Democrats at War, by David Horowitz.

The Democrat Party is at war with America. That is the clear message of the Democrats’ responses to the crises that have engulfed our nation over the last six months, made our streets war zones, and destroyed the small business communities that are the life blood of our system.

When the country was attacked by a deadly virus from China in January, the Democrats’ attacked the president’s efforts to stop it at the border, then blamed him for the 100,000 deaths that followed. Yet Democrat governors controlled the health systems of every major center of the covid19 devastation and were 100% responsible for any policies that failed.

When the president attempted to re-open the economy in May, Democrat governors and mayors issued draconian orders to arrest individuals violating their “social distancing” injunctions by strolling in parks, lounging on beaches and — worst of all — attempting to revive their barbershops and salons. As a direct consequence of these imposed shutdowns forty million Americans lost their jobs. To many of us, the Democrats’ purpose was clear: to depress the economy and blame the consequences on the president. This became the incessant theme of their political utterances and ads.

Yet these seditious Democrat attacks on the commander-in-chief in the midst of the war against an invisible enemy maintained a cover of plausibility because of the uncertainties surrounding the virus and how it was spread.

This mask was dropped when a civil insurrection erupted in the wake of the horrific police murder of George Floyd. In its wake America’s streets were filled with massive crowds of protesters and as it turned out domestic terrorists. These terrorists, led by the communist organization Antifa used the protests as a cover for violent and hate-filled attacks on ordinary citizens and their businesses. As these attacks escalated into the torching of city centers and the devastation of poor communities, the hypocrisies of Democrats and their true agendas became inescapably clear.

Virtually all the mayhem was centered in Democrat-controlled states and cities. The same mayors who had jailed local business people and ordinary citizens for congregating in groups of more than ten were utterly silent as crowds of thousands formed to tear their cities apart. Meanwhile not a single word was uttered, not a single arrest made, by these same Democrat governors and mayors to prevent the protesters and rioters from violating the social distancing ordinances they had used to close churches and houses of worship the week before. While stores, apartment buildings and even police stations were torched by violent radicals, while ordinary citizens were being terrorized, Democrat governors were reluctant to call out their national guards and nip the riots in the bud.

Since the uprising began, no Democrat leader has condemned the violence and looting. Mostly they have implicitly encouraged it. Yet they found time and space to criticize every move Trump has made. The Democrats are in thrall to the same hard left element that is instigating these riots and breaking down law and order.