Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win

Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win, by Christian Adams.

When David Horowitz wrote his latest book Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win (Humanix, 2020) he didn’t know that ANTIFA-fueled mobs would be burning and looting cities across America, and even threatening the White House itself. …

One reason Blitz suggests Trump is unlike his Republican predecessors, is that he didn’t let personal attacks change his tactics… Blitz puts the battle between Trump and the radical Left in that frame.

The Left is always trying to erode our structures … One of those structures that sustain us is an acceptance of election results as legitimate. But that wasn’t going to happen with Trump. From Blitz:

The most striking feature of the Resistance and its rejection of a legitimately elected president was its departure from the political tradition established by the constitutional framers over 230 years earlier. The most pressing fear of those framers was the threat that political factions posed to a democracy. They were conscious of the fact that historically, democracies such as classical Athens had split into rival factions that eventually tore them apart and led to their demise.

And so the day after the inauguration, the nasty women marched, with their pink hats and venom toward the new President.  The “Presidential honeymoon” Horowitz describes as essential to American stability was tossed out by the Left on day one.  He notes that even seventy members of Congress refused to attend the inauguration. …

On Hillary:

Deferring to Hillary Clinton as a female, as Republicans prior to Trump had done, allowed her to hide behind a veil of gentility while she launched a one-woman witch hunt against them, calling Republicans racists, sexists, deplorables, and so on.

It took a Trump to look her in the eye with seventy million people watching during one of the presidential debates and say, “You are a liar and a crook,” which she was both. Everybody knew it, but only Donald Trump dared to utter it out loud.

Trump was the first to tackle political correctness head on:

Trump took a wholly opposite approach than most politicians.

Trump noticed that most politicians use speech either to hide what they really think or to win love and support.  Trump represents something revolutionary and unfamiliar to the political classes.  Horowitz says that instead of trying to win support or hide what he thinks, he uses speeches, statements and Twitter “to define the truth.”

He is describing the world as he sees it, and how events fit into that flow.  Trump isn’t trying hide his true belief; he isn’t trying to win support.  He’s just describing the world as he sees it.  Horowitz describes it in action, and why it works.

It showed how, by standing up to the attacks from the left, Trump was able to thrive despite their slanderous labels of “racist” and “hate monger.” It’s inconceivable that, say, Paul Ryan or Jeb Bush would have stood their ground against the “racist” smears. They would have been steamrolled by the viciousness of the left and quickly apologized for any “offense” given.

Trump’s response illustrated a basic strategy that has served him well on the political battlefield: When attacked, strike back. Strike back hard. Harder than they hit you. Use the facts concealed by political correctness, and the language of moral indictment, which progressives resort to all the time.

Trump knows there are millions of Americans who are weary of political correctness and what it has done to undermine America and conceal the truth.