Riots and the Invisible American

Riots & The Invisible American, by a reader of Rod Dreher.

I am a native Texan….

The Democrats have been stoking anger and racial resentment for political purposes for at least the past five years, probably longer, and things are finally coming to a boil and we see the results.

I’m a mild-mannered, middle-class, 63 year-old, gay, white male and I have been with my partner for 41 years. I have always obeyed the law and played by the rules. I put myself thru college in my 30s by working part-time, and with the help of Pell Grants and Work/Study jobs. I never had to take out student loans and I graduated debt free. I used to be a Democrat, but around 2015 it seems the Democrats started saying and doing crazy things … you know what I’m talking about. I voted for Trump. After Hillary lost, the Democrats doubled down on the crazy. I no longer recognize them or my liberal friends. Their ideology is foreign and they scare me and I have developed a severe case of cognitive dissonance.

My home is in a modest, but nice, neighborhood surrounded by a sea of very upscale mansions. We have an upscale HEB grocery store just up the street. A couple of years ago the store hired an armed security guard, who keeps a German Shepherd by his side. His patrol car is parked by the curb, with the engine and A/C constantly running, in case he needs to put the dog in the car.

Until very recently, I never had any desire to have a gun, but now, I wish I had bought one …. before it really is TOO LATE.

Rod Dreher:

I have been scanning nearly all the major US news sources for their news and op-ed coverage of the riots. You know who you don’t hear from? People like this reader. They are invisible to our national media. I wonder how many of them there are. I have heard anecdotally from a handful of others who are saying nothing on Facebook and other social media now, because they are afraid of being denounced as racist, or worse, by their own friends and neighbors, who are taking loud, angry stands.

Another liberal mugged by reality:

hat-tip Stephen Neil