Our leaders dither as our cities burn

Our leaders dither as our cities burn, by Tucker Carlson. Excellent commentary. Easily the best explanation of what is going on I’ve seen. (Btw, as a matter of principle Tucker chooses not to comment on the color of  people.)

These are Democrat voters that are cleaning out the Rolex store. These riots are effectively the largest Jo-Biden-for President rally on record. In gratitude for that, more than a dozen Jo-Biden-for President campaign staffers donated money to the rioters in Minneapolis and then they bragged about it on Twitter. No Democratic leader can directly criticize what is happening now, and in fact some have joined in. …

The message from our leaders on the right, as on the left, was unambiguous: “Don’t complain, you deserve what’s happening to you.”

People will not forgive weakness, or leaders who do not protect them.

Room here for some major Trump magic. I wonder if he’s up to it? Mixed signs so far. (A few hours later he acted.)

Identity politics and politically correct denial of biological reality has brought the US to this point. Will it draw back, or is there more “progress” in store for the US?


I wish I could tell you that this video is reassuring. I can’t. It bothered me a great deal. I think it does capture the peril we are in.

Our ruling class deserves scorn for what it has done. Many in our ruling class are evil people. We need help. Our ruling class is decadent and corrupt. The media lie for them.

hat-tip Charles