The Price Of Cotton

The Price Of Cotton, by the Z-Man.

If you are over the age of forty, the current black riots seem like another bad remake of a bad movie from your youth. You can appreciate how the young and stupid may be fascinated by it, but you know it is just pointless destruction by people who are over indulged and terminally ungrateful.

The whites involved, and there are plenty, are just ridiculous people playing make believe. They are reenactors dressing up to play a role they read about in their grievance studies classes.

Further, you know what comes of it. There will be lectures from the servants of the ruling class about white privilege and the legitimacy of black rage. The so-called conservatives will grovel and plead. There will be some candlelight vigils tossed in so the politicians can perform their public acts of piety. It is the same old story remade by decreasingly plausible actors. Meanwhile, normal white people just see their tax for being white go up yet again. It is so tiresome.

All of it, even the sense of exasperation by normal white people, is just a way to avoid the painful truth about America. If the plantation owners had simply paid European workers, even Chinese workers, to pick the damned cotton, none of this ridiculous drama would keep happening. These riots, like all previous riots and pretty much the last seventy years of American history, is just the price of cotton. The tax paid by white people that never goes away and goes up every year.

While that may be a pithy way of putting it, the truth is the endless racial strife is the result of the Yankee conquerors not dealing with what they had done. Then as now, the Yankee moralist was long on proselytizing, but short on conviction. They wanted to end slavery and enjoyed killing white people to do it, but when it came time to address the question of what to do with the freed slaves, they abandoned their pulpits and left the issue to future generations. It remains unresolved.