The liberal left are in a religious frenzy

The liberal left are in a religious frenzy, by Rod Dreher.

I’ve been scanning the [major media outlets] these past few days, and you would not get the idea that the riots are any kind of shocking outrage….

This afternoon I received a letter from a liberal(ish) white reader with whom I sometimes correspond. … He has been truly shocked by how all his white liberal friends are acting now, at least on social media. His circle is all liberal urban professionals. He reports that he’s had a couple of really good conversations with black friends, telling them how they think about what’s going on. They’re really angry, and more sympathetic to the riots than he is, but he said the exchanges were good. Not so with his fellow whites, who have all denounced him as a fellow traveler of white supremacy simply for saying that riots are bad.

To these true believers, one is not permitted to criticize the riots or rioters. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone actually endorsing the riots, but there has been a lot of “police brutality and racism are so bad that nobody has the right to criticize rioting over them” here. They meet objections with “how can you possibly compare a building burning to a man dying?!” — as if the horror of George Floyd’s killing, which nobody defends, justifies any response. …

Minneapolis is an overwhelmingly progressive city that has been led by successive Democratic mayors for decades — mayors that, under the city’s charter, have total power over the police department. The City Council is Democratic. Minnesota is a Democratic state led by a Democratic governor. The fact that this repulsive episode of police brutality happened in such a place tells you that there’s a lot going on here that doesn’t fit the simplistic narrative that many liberals, especially media liberals, are fond of telling. …

The fallout from these riots are going to push so very many middle-class and working-class people to the Right. Count on it.

hat-tip Stephen Neil