More than 50 Secret Service agents are injured in clashes outside the White House

More than 50 Secret Service agents are injured in clashes outside the White House, by Marlene Lenthang.

Fury erupted even as it neared curfew in Washington DC and as police fired tear gas and pepper spray amid blazes in the capital.
On Sunday alone more than 50 Secret Service officers were injured so far, a senior official said to Fox News, after rioters threw bottles and Molotov cocktails at them. …

The White House plunged into darkness last night as the executive mansion’s lights were turned off in an unusual move.

Donald Trump had returned to a White House under virtual siege after traveling to Florida for the Cape Canaveral space launch on Saturday, and did not appear in public on Sunday.

While Trump remained out of sight, his advisers discussed the prospect of an Oval Office address in an attempt to ease tensions.

But the notion was quickly scrapped for lack of policy proposals and the president’s own seeming disinterest in delivering a message of unity.

Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests raged, by AP.

Secret Service agents rushed President Donald Trump to a White House bunker on Friday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the executive mansion, some of them throwing rocks and tugging at police barricades.

Trump spent nearly an hour in the bunker, which was designed for use in emergencies like terrorist attacks, according to a Republican close to the White House who was not authorized to publicly discuss private matters and spoke on condition of anonymity. …

The abrupt decision by the agents underscored the rattled mood inside the White House, where the chants from protesters in Lafayette Park could be heard all weekend and Secret Service agents and law enforcement officers struggled to contain the crowds. …

The president and his family have been shaken by the size and venom of the crowds, according to the Republican. …

Trump continued his effort to project strength, using a series of inflammatory tweets and delivering partisan attacks during a time of national crisis.

Is tweeting really the best use of his time?