When they do it, it’s speaking. No problem.

When they do it, it’s speaking. No problem.

This has happened before. This is a cultural classic. Commenting on a similar situation in the 1960s:

Back to reality. A mob in a major US city just burned down a police station. No one was arrested.

Where the Current Conventional Wisdom on Privilege Is Headed, by Steve Sailer.

Here is the direction the Conventional Wisdom is drifting at present: Due to centuries of White Privilege, blacks from now on should enjoy the privilege of resisting arrest if they really don’t feel like being arrested.

This is not to say that no black should ever be arrested, just that, in the ultimate analysis, black privilege is now more sacred than the law, so if a black really, really doesn’t want to submit to the cops, his feelings and his privileged person must override all other considerations, such as equal treatment of the laws.