Tucker: Our leaders have sided with the agents of chaos

Our leaders have sided with the agents of chaos, by Tucker Carlson. Highly recommended.

The given reasons vary all the time, but that’s only on the surface. Race, capitalism, the Minneapolis police department — they’re all just excuses. This is another round in the ancient battle between those with a stake in society and those who don’t. Producers versus parasites. Those defending civilization versus those who want to tear it down for immediate gain.

What’s unusual about today, and what makes this so newsworthy, is that the clerisy — our ruling class — are rather supportive of the parasites. Apply the law to the looters? No thanks. Would they do this if it was right wing protesters or the tea party? Hell no, the language and response would be 180 degrees different.

Increasingly, the right wing is the home for the producers and the left the home for the parasites who live by government extortion (taxes). Those who live by private enterprise, whose services are taken up voluntarily (there’s a moral difference), are on the bad end of the trend. The left threaten to take control of everything, forever, as government grows, the media abandons a pretense of objectivity, and immigration forever changes the west to have a more third world mix. Our civilization is not, to use one of their favorite words, sustainable.

As Tucker says towards the end, “Should you keep playing along with all of that?”

UPDATE: Here’s the whole show:

UPDATE 2: Paul Joseph Watson’s take:

hat-tip Stephen Neil