The Left’s Narratives versus the Right’s Facts

The Left’s Narratives versus the Right’s Facts, by the Z-Man.

The politics of multiculturalism, if you examine the claims, is narrative driven, always around a story of group conflict. Blacks, for example, are in their present condition because of the long oppression by whites. Feminism is the story of female liberation from the patriarchy. It’s why the Left falls for rape hoaxes and noose hoaxes so easily, despite the history of these hoaxes. The hoax fits the narrative that for them, explains everything about the world and their role in it.

The naive right:

On the other hand, the politics of conventional conservatism is about facts and ideas, specifically the rejection of the narrative idea. The Right in America, the conventional Right, … have always been convinced that “their own beliefs would creep up on the ideas of the Left, slit their throats in the dark, and stage an intellectual and cultural coup d’état, after which truth would reign.” Being right is all that matters. …

Ironically, this fact versus narrative dichotomy is most popular and most well-known because of Jewish conservatives like Ben Shapiro. He is famous for saying “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” He invests a lot of time discouraging whites from embracing their own narratives to counter those on the Left. Instead, they are supposed to embrace facts, as facts are the magic that will destroy the narrative. …

Narrative versus facts suits the left, because narrative wins in the short to medium term:

The thing is though, this fact versus narrative construct is a left-wing creation, at least it serves left-wing ends. Narrative is the predicate for morality. The reason the Bible is full of stories is moral claims naturally rise from stories.

A good narrative not only encompasses the known facts, it orders them. These are the important facts of the story, while these are not essential, there for color and context. It is this ordering that reinforces and existing morality or creates a new one.

Of course, this is why the fact side of the dichotomy favors the Left. When Shapiro demands you focus on facts, it is so you do not focus on the moral framework.

This week’s death of Floyd fits a narrative the left have been painting for decades. So off they go, not waiting for the facts (which may well turn out to contradict the narrative). By the time the facts catch up, it’s too late. The violence has been done. And the media only retell the narrative, not the facts.

The non-left has to get a whole lot better at countering the left’s narratives, or they will continue to lose.

Climate change is a good example. The facts show that the carbon dioxide theory of global warming is wrong. But the narrative and media control has swept the facts off the battlefield of ideas. At this stage, would anyone even take any notice of a book that pointed out the error in the climate models? The world won’t warm as the climate scientists keep predicting — it’s even likely to cool for the next three decades — but between rigged thermometers and the dominant carbon dioxide narrative no one will know. Relax, the Earth’s not in any danger. However, the excuse of global warming will have been used by the left to derail industrial civilization and foist ever-bigger government upon us. By the time the world finds out the carbon dioxide theory was exaggerated nonsense, the damage will have been done.