Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s new press secretary, is the President’s new secret weapon

Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s new press secretary, is the President’s new secret weapon, by Miranda Devine.

The White House’s pugnacious new press secretary Kayleigh McEnany is getting up the nose of Trump-haters in the media in the most satisfying way.

Her press briefings are “indefensible and grotesque”, snarled Never-Trumper Jonah Goldberg on the weekend, calling McEnany nothing more than a “Twitter troll” who just wants to impress “an audience of one” – aka the President. “It’s a sign of defining deviancy down in our politics”.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace agreed, saying he, “never saw a White House press secretary act like that”.

Well, maybe that’s because we never have seen such dishonest, corrosive media coverage of a president before.

It’s one thing to be critical and cynical about an administration – that is the proper role of a free press.

When you apply the blowtorch only to one side of politics, it’s bad enough. But with Trump, it’s beyond mere bias. This time the media is off the rails, unrepentant about its role in “Obamagate”, fomenting the Russia collusion conspiracy theory, peddling the fake Steele Dossier and other lies which crippled the administration and led to the dangerous distraction of impeachment. …

Pretending to be neutral and care about the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is … so old fashioned. PC postmodernism is the new authority:

Now that those abuses are coming to light through declassified material … there is an opportunity for those media outlets to atone, hand back their Pulitzers and report the truth.

Instead they’re doubling down, dismissing the unravelling of the Russia collusion conspiracy theory as, itself, a conspiracy theory.

As former CBS former president Van Gordon Sauter wrote in the Wall Street Journal this week, much of American journalism has become the “clarion voice of the Resistance, dedicated to ousting the president”.

“News organisations that claim to be neutral have long been creeping leftward, and their loathing of Mr. Trump has accelerated the pace. “To many journalists, objectivity, balance and fairness — once the gold standard of reporting — are not mandatory in a divided political era and in a country they believe to be severely flawed.”

They know better. So if you don’t like their propaganda, the only option left is to boycott them.

Enter McEnany, who unlike her predecessors, is willing to give the media a taste of its own medicine.

What enrages the Washington press corps is that she is smart, well-prepared, articulate, unafraid, and always looks a million bucks. Unlike her predecessors, she cannot be intimidated.

The 32-year-old graduate of Harvard Law School previously was a CNN political analyst. A devout Christian, she is married to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball star with whom she has a six-month-old baby girl. She spends most of her day with Trump and says her “mission is to bring you the mindset of the president, deliver those facts, so this President gets fair and accurate reporting and the American people get fair and accurate information.” ..

Racism and PC hypocrisy:

It should have been a big political story, for instance, when the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden gave a disastrous interview on Friday to a radio show popular with black Millennials.

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, you ain’t black,” he said.

The comment was as lethal to his electoral prospects as Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” insult to half of America in 2016.

If Trump had said something so blatantly racist it would have been on high rotation all weekend. But for the Resistance Media it was a story to be downplayed.

“Joe Biden made an off-the-cuff joke”, was the oped page take of the New York Times, which ran a tiny page one pointer to page 21 on Saturday about Biden’s so-called apology. …

But OMG, look over here!

Trump played golf!

Trump didn’t wear a mask!

Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine!

Orange Man Bad!

No, we’ve never seen anything like it.

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