In a first, Twitter adds fact-check warnings to Trump tweets

In a first, Twitter adds fact-check warnings to Trump tweets. by Dino Hazell. First the view from AP, who represent the mainstream media.

On Tuesday, Twitter added a warning phrase to two Trump tweets that called mail-in ballots “fraudulent” and predicted that “mail boxes will be robbed,” among other things. Under the tweets, there is now a link reading “Get the facts about mail-in ballots” that guides users to a Twitter “moments” page with fact checks and news stories about Trump’s unsubstantiated claims.

The move comes after years in which Twitter has declined to apply its community guidelines and other rules of the road to the 45th U.S. president.

In other words, until now the US President was the only person not censored by Twitter. But that era, too, has passed. Some things — some truths? — must not be uttered in a PC world. The media want to rule what you know.

Note that they say Trump’s claims about mail-in voting are “unsubstantiated”. Twitter and AP use this to imply Trump is a liar. But going to beyond-the-pale Breitbart News we find out something they omitted:

“You’ve been talking about voter fraud since the beginning of this administration and where is the evidence of it?” Acosta asked during the White House press briefing, insisting that “all the experts say voter fraud is rare.”

Trump replied, “I think there’s a lot of evidence, but we’ll provide you with some, okay?”

The president’s re-election campaign responded quickly to Acosta’s request, noting there were nine people charged in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas with “vote harvesting” and mail ballots, a political operative in New York stealing and submitting absentee ballots, and a resident in Pennsylvania receiving seven separate ballots in the mail.

The campaign also shared a Heritage Foundation document of over 1,000 proven cases of vote fraud.

“Democrats and the mainstream media always scoff at claims of voter fraud, but then completely ignore evidence from across the country,” Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement. “The obvious reason is that Democrats are just fine with the possibility of voter fraud. And many in the media just see the world their way.”

Twitter and AP are lying by omission. And it’s not just them:

Twitter added a link to “get the facts” about mail-in ballots after President Trump tweeted out widely-held concerns about the potential for voter fraud.

The Twitter-curated “moment” is filled with mainstream media articles from CNN, Washington Post, and other outlets calling Trump a liar.

Michael Moore in 2004

If the US President Trump and Michael Moore (see here) are now being censored or banned from the media, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Having a tiny reach and being ineffective is the only path left to not being censored by the PC troops. Viva el Wentworth Report!