Family court reform, suicide, and “repeated social defeat”for men

Family court reform, suicide, and “repeated social defeat”for men, John Davis.

Feminism’s gains, over the past fifty years, have been at the expense of men, and based upon early, and false, medieval stereotypes of men. These stereotypes pervade family court legislation and carry over into our court systems.

The thrust of feminism’s political and social power has been based upon demonizing men in order to justify social and political privileges for women, while, at the same time, imposing traditional burdens on men. In addition, feminism has been increasing those social burdens on men. …

Feminism is designed to create privileges for women in our culture, while at the same time absolving them from responsibilities.

Under feminism, strict responsibilities are imposed on men, and men are denied any status that could appear to be a privilege even if that status is designed to balance men’s extra responsibilities in our culture, or to protect men from abuses based on their gender. Under traditional gender roles, men and women had gender-specific privileges to balance the specialized burdens and responsibilities that each gender had in our culture. …

Government bias based on a false feminist narrative

You know the “Epidemic of men’s violence against women” that our government is always telling us about?

The feminists have a fact problem completely suppressed

Repeated Social Defeat (RSD):

This imbalance and shaming of men continue today, as feminism spuriously claims, for example, that women deserve equal pay with men regardless of the circumstances of their employment. Feminists seek this equal pay while men are still sustaining 92.5% of on-the-job fatalities (Perry, 2018). Instead of feminists seeking equal risks in the workplace to justify equal pay, feminists are seeking equal pay simply by falsely shaming men for gender roles in the past. This relentless shaming of men, and false claim that men and civilization oppressed women, has led our modern culture to rig all of our institutions in a manner in which men are set up to lose in any financial, legal, emotional or sensual relationship with women. The result is that men are now encountering what neuroscientists call Repeated Social Defeat (RSD). …

RSD occurs when an animal (or human) is placed into situations, repeatedly, in which failure is inevitable. Here is a simplified example: if two laboratory mice are placed in a cage, and required to compete for food or other rewards, if the researchers rig the rewards so that only one of the subjects usually gets the reward, then the subject who frequently loses the rigged game will develop anxiety, brain inflammation from the stress of losing, and ultimately severe treatment-resistant depression (Golden, Covington, Burton, & Russo, 2011). Neuroscientists use rodents in these murine-studies experiments, and draw inferences about humans because the central nervous systems of rodents are remarkably similar to humans.

Feminism’s relentless shaming, and attacks on men, have persuaded our culture to rig its institutions so that men socially fail on a repeated basis. This is especially true of family courts. …

Prejudice run wild:

In addition to causing men to suicide, rigging our institutions so that men encounter repeated social defeat also imposes treatment resistant depression on countless millions of men, with resulting high costs to our economies, and untold suffering among those men …

In Australia, for instance, the government provides tens of millions of dollars in support for women who are victims of domestic violence, but that support expressly excludes men except to treat men as perpetrators of domestic violence…

Many abusive mothers will deny men actual custody, by refusing to cooperate with the father. The courts and the police will rarely, if ever, recognize that the abusive mother passively-aggressively imposing obstacles on the father exercising the children’s rights to see him, is a form of domestic violence and a de facto (as a matter of fact) means of kidnapping (if only temporary) the children from the father. This form of abuse, by passive-aggressive mothers, unaddressed and un-remedied by the family courts, the police, and the rest of our institutions, creates enormous stress for fathers trying to help and protect their children.

A long article. Naturally the swamp — long since captured by the feminists — blocks and ridicules any attempt to make family courts fairer.

Feminists were the original template for PC. This group bullied its way to lots of extra privileges. Naturally, other groups copy their success — including basically the entire left party in most western systems.

It’s always interesting to see feminism and Islam clash. The Islamists make feminists appear reasonable and well-mannered.

hat-tip Mark Ellis