Even the US Media Sat Up and Began To Take Notice: Something to do with Borders?

Even the US Media Sat Up and Began To Take Notice: Something to do with Borders? By CBS New York.

CBS2 has learned some of the same international flights that have long been blamed for causing coronavirus to explode in our area are still operating. …

Data from flightaware.com shows in the last two weeks international flights to Newark Liberty Airport and John F. Kennedy Airport have arrived from China, South Korea, and much of Europe, including the United Kingdom and Italy. …

U.S. Customs and Border Protection declined CBS2’s request for an on-camera interview. A spokesperson referred all of our questions to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Both agencies would only say there is an “enhanced entry screening,” adding the passenger is asked about medical history, current condition, and some are having their temperature taken. …

Feeble and inadequate:

It’s not clear how many travelers have had their temperature taken, or how the feds select those passengers. One woman who traveled to Newark from Albania via Switzerland was one of them.

“They were very specific about how we need to do two-week quarantine,” the woman told [CBS2’s Lisa Rozner].

“I haven’t seen anybody being screened for anything,” traveler Joe Horvath said.

Customs said state and local officials are ensuring compliance, but New Jersey and New York health officials acknowledge they are not tracking travelers once they land.

“So how do you make sure they stay quarantined for 14 days?” Rozner asked Cuomo.

“It’s not a state role,” the governor reiterated.

When will the penny drop? The US lockdown — like the UK’s and Canada’s — is ineffective largely because the virus is still coming in via quarantined visitors. That’s how it arrived in the first place.

To eradicate the virus from your territory, you have to both stop feeding it fresh bodies (the lockdown) and prevent it coming in (quarantine at the borders). Duh.

This story made it to the front page of Drudge. Will the topic now get hushed up by the swamp, because it was only stumbled upon by some junior reporter who didn’t know to look the other way? Or is the cat now out of the bag?