Lockdown Cops Gone Wild

Lockdown Cops Gone Wild, by Sheila Reid.

Matheson was finishing his muffin and coffee alone in his car in a New Brunswick Tim Hortons parking lot before he carried on with his day. …

Walter was doing the safe thing: eating THEN driving. However, he was given a $300 ticket for violating the province’s coronavirus regulations. Why? The cop who wrote the ticket told Walter his presence might attract teenagers to loiter in the same parking lot!

Solitary retirees eating muffins in parking lots might bring all the youngsters to the streets to spread the coronavirus has to be the one of the silliest things I have heard lately …

Even crazier, Walter did try to leave the coffee shop parking lot when the police officer first asked him to. He even joked a little with the cop. However, the police officer prevented Walter from driving away when Walter politely questioned the ridiculous reason he had to leave before he finished his muffin – that he was some sort of strange magnet for high schoolers. Then the officer ticketed Walter for not leaving when he was first directed to!

This whole story is utterly unbelievable. I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me the story without proof. But I know it happened because Walter, very wisely, recorded the entire interaction he had with the cop.

Stephen writes:

Here’s an example of the fallout from the ‘authorities’ trying to stop the spread of the plague. Sorry, I meant Wu Flu. It’s making ordinary law-abiding people into law-breakers, if not criminals. And woe betide those who resist (happily, not so in this instance).

I’m not down your end of the continuum on this thing. My view is that the response has been way over the top and heavy-handed. Sure, we needed to be smart about preventing the virus’ spread. But the one-size-fits-all approach is typical of the heavy, dead hand of government that just can not, will not and does not do nuance.

Agreed, except that I am puzzled by the comment that “I’m not down your end of the continuum on this thing”. See the next post, Lockdown or Not?

hat-tip Stephen Harper