Australia should grab its once in a generation economic opportunity

Australia should grab its once in a generation economic opportunity, by Robert Gottliebsen.

For the first time in a generation Australia’s expat community is starting to come home and they are crowding quarantine facilities. And why wouldn’t they come home? We are a country with low COVID-19 infection and death rates and hidden potential. …

Our rivals in education and tourism such as the UK, Europe and the US are crippled. Few overseas students would choose to go to those areas and study. And although tourism is very restricted, our rival tourist destinations are also crippled.

As well, in commercial activities, a lot of enterprises are experiencing the high risks of operating in so many countries outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Many in our expat community, having bagged Australia for years, now recognise the potential and they are very willing to be quarantined for 14 days so that they can exercise their rights of Australian citizenship. Home has never felt so good. …

Obviously we need strong safety restrictions but we can use the current quarantine system or, perhaps, we can test arrivals for COVID-19 so the quarantine is much shorter. And we can use masks at universities to make them safer. It’s a small price to price to pay to restore this important part of our prosperity.