The Lynching of a Black Jogger

The Lynching of a Black Jogger, by Jim Goad.


Armed Black Panthers are now prowling the neighborhood where Ahmaud Arbery was fatally gunned down on February 23rd, and an American public that is already stir-crazy from months of being locked down finds itself on the cusp of yet “another massive national convulsion over race.”

Based merely on the fact that the gunman was white and the victim black — and that the gunman’s father described the eventual victim as black on a 911 call to report a trespassing suspect fleeing a construction site — millions of people are CERTAIN that two fat hillbillies with bad teeth hunted down and murdered a man ONLY because he was black. We are bombarded with tales of a “modern-day lynching” that is “yet another reminder of the vile and wicked racism that persists in parts of our country.” …

It has been repeatedly stated that Arbery was murdered for “jogging while black” or “Exercising While Black.” Ramping up the hyperbole to premenstrual levels, NBA superstar LeBron James fulminated thusly: “We’re literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME [sic] we step foot outside the comfort of our homes! Can’t even go for a damn jog man!”


I suspect that it is far safer for LeBron James to jog anywhere in the United States — especially a majority-white neighborhood — compared to anywhere in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Indeed, surveillance footage shows Ahmaud Arbery in mid-stride as he vigorously jogs down the block. It also shows him working up a sweat by walking around outside a construction site. It also shows him “jogging” through that half-constructed house for over three minutes. And, in the video that shocked a world that apparently doesn’t pay close attention to what’s actually on the tape, it finally shows him running — around the side of Travis and Greg McMichael’s pickup truck, then making a sharp turn and sprinting straight back toward Travis McMichael, whom he attacks and begins wrestling for the gun.

Watch what happened:

The politics:

If you’ll notice, none of the mainstream outlets make a peep about “a fight over the shotgun.” And just as with Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown and so many others, we’re only seeing the innocent-looking photos rather than the scowling, malevolent ones.

This case is also similar to that of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown in a very significant way — just not the way they’re trying to frame it. In all three cases, these young black men were shot and killed AFTER they tried grabbing a gun out of someone’s hands. …

Pardon my whiteness, but if I saw someone holding a shotgun, my last instinct would be to feel so stupidly invincible that I’d think I could safely get away with yanking it out of his clutches.

Once again, we are bludgeoned with the demonstrable lie that it’s “open season on black men.” What we don’t hear is that, according to every available statistic, the people who are killing them are overwhelmingly other black men. Or that young black men — who comprise about 4% of the nation’s population — commit more than half of the nation’s murders. Or that these same angelic joggers and Skittles-buyers with unlimited potential and endlessly bright futures are statistically over-represented in every area of crime.

And we definitely don’t hear about all the white joggers getting killed by blacks.

Ever wonder why that is?

In Arbery’s case, we are told that, despite all the statistics, it’s “racist” to think that black men are potential criminals. What we are not told — you have to do some digging to find it — is that in 2013 when he was 19 years old, Arbery was indicted for bringing a loaded Big Bear .380-caliber pistol to a high-school basketball game, then fleeing the scene. We are not told that in 2018 he was convicted of shoplifting for stealing a TV from a Walmart and also of violating probation for his gun charge. We’re not told that in his duties as a police officer, Greg McMichael — one of the two “toothless redneck inbred yahoo white trash pieces of shit” who gave chase to Arbery — had worked on Arbery’s shoplifting case and may not have been “profiling” him so much for being an alleged black jogger as for being a person who illegally carries guns and illegally flees crime scenes. …

What’s astonishing is that no matter how many dozens of times these hyped-up Race Porn stories completely fall to pieces once the facts come in, the True Believers gullibly hop right on it again with unrestrained lynch-mob glee.

How many Covington Kids and Jussie Smolletts and Mike Browns and Trayvon Martins and Duke Lacrosse Teams and Tawana Brawleys and Rodney Kings will it take for journalists and jurors to do what they are supposed to do — i.e., wait until all the facts come in? Apparently they feel not a whit of shame about being found wrong again and again and again — nearly every single time, in fact.

So yet again, in their blundering attempts to get us all past “racism,” they have picked at scabs and made American race relations far, far worse at a time when the entire populace’s nerves have already been stretched thin.