Springtime For Joggers

Springtime For Joggers, by the Z-Man.

Thanks to the relentless anti-white animus, America and the world now has a new colorful euphemism for a certain element of society. The word “jogger” is now the preferred word of choice to describe the young black male creeping around in the neighborhood, looking for trouble. Over the weekend, the funnymen and meme makers had fun with the story of Ahmaud Arbery, the black male shot and killed by two white men in Georgia during a confrontation.

The “jogger” phenomenon is interesting, because it suggests white people in America have turned a critical corner. When this well-orchestrated media campaign was unleashed last week, the first reaction by most whites was to assume it was yet another hoax to libel white people. Instead of the public acts of piety, whites took to social media to laugh at the absurdity of the case. The first instinct was to call it Trayvon Martin 2.0 and mock the ham-fisted propaganda campaign. …

The fact that the propagandists have had to retreat from the story is the real story. Unlike prior hoaxes, this one appears to have crashed into a new wall of white skepticism. The police have arrested the two men involved, but the lynch mob that was expected to pressure the authorities into railroading these two men has suddenly gone quiet. All of a sudden, white people are pushing back against the Jim Snow laws.

Of course, the story was greatly enhanced by the fact that as the blood libel machine was cranking up, a black was literally hunting white people in a Delaware veterans cemetery, killing an elderly couple. A jogger named Sheldon C. Francis executed an 80-year old couple as they honored their ancestors. It was a stark reminder that while the Ahmaud Arbery story is entirely fake, the jogger threat is real. White people in America have spent generations trying to avoid joggers.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but generations of white people have had to pay the tax, the jogger tax, for sins they never committed and in fact, were never committed. Baltimore would go from Lagos on the Chesapeake to Hong Kong on the Chesapeake if the local joggers all decamped to another land. If not for the jogger phenomenon, alarm companies would go out of business and cars would have normal keys again. Everyone knows this. The jogger tax is the cost of being white.

Another nuance to this is that there has not been much outrage from whites about yet another libel against white people. Instead, it seems as if whites, at least with regards to joggers, have moved past outrage onto mockery. The usual suspects can manipulate the righteous anger of the victims to their ends, but they are powerless to do much in the face of mockery. …

The problem is too entrenched, because too many leftists are deeply invested in the lies. It makes them feel superior to the rest of us, and that’s a powerful drug.