Call For France’s No-Go Zones to be “Re-Conquered by Force”

Call For France’s No-Go Zones to be “Re-Conquered by Force”, by Paul Joseph Watson.

France’s feared banlieues are suburbs on the edge of major cities controlled by large groups of Muslim gangs who attack police officers, fire crews and ambulance workers who venture into the area.

Although the media has consistently attempted to downplay the issue, lack of integration and high crime rates mean they have become a symbol of France’s problems with mass immigration. …

Arguing that migrants have seized control of French suburbs, [French intellectual Eric Zemmour] said the areas should be re-conquered by force or completely abandoned to their fate. …

The writer also said that police who venture near such areas are treated as “foreign forces” and that there should be more footage of what goes on in no-go zones released publicly.

Zemmour previously appeared on television back in March to point out that migrants were completely ignoring the country’s coronavirus quarantine.

A nation that loses control of its territory to a foreign force is headed for extinction. Islam almost conquered Paris in 732, but Paris was better defended back then:

Charles Martel in the Battle of Tours defeated Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, 732 AD