This can’t go on. California has to figure a way out

This can’t go on. California has to figure a way out, by Willie Brown, a leading Democrat politician in California.

When people were asked to shelter in place, they did so in amazing numbers and with no plan.

But nobody envisioned the shelter-in-place would last this long.

Some people who have jobs or retirement checks are fine with staying inside. Those who have lost their jobs, or fear they’re likely to lose their jobs, want the state to reopen. …

It looks like we’re going to be stuck in place until at least June 1, no matter what.

But June 1 may also be the boiling point.

Like it or not, we may have to trust the public to be as safe as possible with masks and the like and hope for the best until a vaccine is found.

The US is going to open up no matter how much virus is around. The resulting economic pain and rising death toll will be bad.