Drudge Report Becomes Sludge Report

Drudge Report Becomes Sludge Report, by Michael Henry.

Matt Drudge’s media links compilation has been one of the sites I’ve checked every morning for the last decade. The Drudge Report always had links to sites with stories I would not see on my trusted sites. I say “had” because I am weaning myself from it due to the dramatic shift in bias I’ve observed, especially in the most recent months.

The Drudge Report has become part of the leftist media cabal slanting coverage to defeat President Trump.

There were dramatic revelations in the plot to get Trump this week–virtually ignored by The Drudge Report. … The Drudge Report ignored or barely reported on these “bombshells.”

However, this morning’s Drudge Report has links to the following stories prominently displayed: 1.”Docs show top WH officials buried CDC report;” 2. “Trump’s 2020 Jobs Bet Unravels;” and 3. “Will he claim election fraud if he loses?”

I’ve read unconfirmed reports that Matt Drudge sold his Drudge Report in 2019, but I could not find any details. No matter. The current content of The Drudge Report is proof enough that someone who hates our President has acquired it.

The Drudge Report has become just another source of political correctness, lying mostly by omission.