Disaster beckons to the USA: Financial pain is such that many Americans feel they can’t afford to wait any longer to reopen economy

Disaster beckons to the USA: Financial pain is such that many Americans feel they can’t afford to wait any longer to reopen economy, by Cameron Stewart.

Americans are now confronting the most dangerous phase of the coronavirus pandemic as they begin to reopen the world’s largest economy without having first subdued the deadly virus.

The contrast with Australia could not be more stark. Both countries are moving to restart their economies after months of lockdown but only one has succeeded in defeating the virus first.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. When the US went into virtual lockdown in mid-March it was anticipated that the virus would be on a solid downward trajectory by now, as in Australia. Not defeated perhaps, but conquered enough via two months of social distancing, to allow for a semi-safe re-opening of the US economy.

But social distancing has not worked as well as was expected in America and now the clock has run out. …

The US lockdown failed to reduce the infection rate because someone forgot to close the border. The US is continually being reinfected from outside. The countries that have crushed the curve — see here — closed their borders, allowing people in only after a mandatory quarantine (and none of that “self-isolation” pretense).

Amazingly, the media never even mention this factor. Just like in January to March, when the media scarcely mentioned or pooh-poohed the idea of closing the borders, thereby allowing the US to get infected in the first place.

Borders are the key to sabotaging the US lockdown and rendering it ineffective. The US needs to close its external borders to the outside world, and enforce internal borders within the USA, like Australia did. The obvious strategy: lockdown a quarantined area until it is virus free, then open it up internally. This is what the successful countries are doing.

But the US left hates borders, because any hindrance to immigration lowers its electoral chances. They prevented Trump from building his wall. The media say — or don’t say — whatever suits the left. It is pointing out the obvious that the failure to close borders plays into the hands of the left? When is the right going to figure it out?

While social distancing helped to flatten the curve to the extent that America’s medical system did not collapse under the weight of infected patients, it has not led to the falls in infections and deaths that health experts had initially hoped for.

Yet with 33 million Americans unemployed and a fast-rising unemployment rate of 14.7 per cent, the highest since the Great Depression of the 1930s, the financial pressure to reopen is not just increasing, it is becoming overwhelming. …

Rock, hard place, so predictable. The left have played Trump liked a fiddle on this one. Disaster beckons:

Public health officials who warn that this reopening will create a devastating second wave of infections in the coming months are being increasingly sidelined in the debate.

As the Washington Post put it; “The administration is effectively bowing to — and asking Americans to accept — a devastating proposition: that a steady, daily accumulation of lonely deaths is the grim cost of reopening the nation’’.