Friday News Dump in the US finds General Flynn was set up by corrupt, lying FBI led by Obama

Friday News Dump in the US finds General Flynn was set up by corrupt, lying FBI led by Obama.

It now seems extremely likely that President Obama unofficially asked a politicized FBI to spy on his domestic opponents. When Trump unexpectedly won the election, they realized that Trump would be in charge and find out about the scheme. So they concocted the Russia story as a diversion, to cover their tracks. Obama also asked the FBI to make life difficult for the incoming Trump administration, such as by entrapping General Flynn and having him fired.

It’s always bad for a country when the secret police get involved in politics. Let’s hope the US can recover from this incident — though at this stage the ideal of a non-political bureaucracy seems a long way off.

Garry Goldsworthy:

Today is ‘Take out the trash day in the USA.’

So much information is being dumped that it’s almost impossible to keep up. So far there have been hundreds of thousands of documents released and significant judgements have been handed down.

There are a lot of liberal hacks in both politics and the media hoping that you don’t notice what has happened because of the overload. They hope the 24 hour news cycle will sweep a lot under the carpet, however, no matter how hard the fake news media try there are enough people awake who won’t let it happen.

The best news of the day was that today the good guys won.

The Obama-era house of cards has started to fall but this is just the tip of a huge domino effect. There will be an avalanche over the next few weeks. …

The biggest takeaway is that not only was the Obama DOJ corrupt, but the corruption went all the way to the top.

Flynn Case Officially Dropped By DOJ, by Victory Girls.

Yes, Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI back in December of 2017. But as time has gone on, the circumstances have been revealed to be increasingly shady. This eventually drove Flynn to seek to withdraw his guilty plea last January.

Today, the DOJ ended a case that looks like it was a set-up from the very minute the “7th floor” got involved.

New Docs Tie Obama in to Effort Against Flynn, Biden Also in Room, by Nick Arama.

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates learned about the effort against Gen. Michael Flynn from Obama himself. …

[National Security Advisor, Susan Rice] confirmed in a prior memo that memorialized the meeting that both she and then Vice President Joe Biden were in the Room at the time Obama told Yates the information about Flynn. …

How did Obama find out about the call? It means someone in IC like John Brennan or James Clapper had to brief him.

It also basically sounds like “act” but don’t tell me how you do it. And Biden was in the room. Dang. …

And even after all this time, has anyone asked Obama or Biden: what did you know and when did you know it?

Mark Tapscott:

Documents made public this week by Acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Richard Grenell made crystal clear that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was setup by the FBI, then falsely charged and unjustly prosecuted by the Department of Justice (DOJ). So the prosecution has been dropped.

But in the years since he was charged, Flynn’s life has been wrecked. His savings are gone, he has to sell his house, and who knows when he will be able to get a job. In a searing editorial, Issues & Insights poses the next question that justice demands be addressed:

“OK, but after having his life turned upside-down, where does Flynn go from here? And not just to get his good name back. He also deserves restitution for all that was taken from him by what increasingly looks like a criminal conspiracy…”

Michael Smith on how the Australian ABC deceives you:

Australia’s ABC enthusiastically reported every step on the Mueller/FBI (now discredited) pursuit of General Flynn.

Today as Flynn is exonerated and the unlawful tactics and partisan motivation of corrupt FBI and DoJ officials is exposed – the ABC is silent.

ABC hero Clapper admitted under oath he was lying all along, by Currencylad. James Clapper to the Australian National Press Club in June 2017:

The man privy to America’s darkest intelligence secrets for the past six years has predicted Russian links to the Trump administration will dwarf the 1970s Watergate scandal which sunk the Nixon presidency.

… he watched Russian meddling in the months leading up to the presidential election last November, and has concluded it made a concerted and determined attempt to derail Mr Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton.

But when interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee under threat of perjury charges he changed his tune:

Glenn Reynolds:

It wasn’t an accident, an error, a botch, or a stumble: it was a consciously coordinated disinformation campaign, with the media as willing accomplices. and its purpose was to overturn an American election via illegal means.