UK government under fire after ‘big influx’ of Covid-19 cases from Europe revealed

UK government under fire after ‘big influx’ of Covid-19 cases from Europe revealed, by Jamie Grierson.

[Only] figures revealed that just 273 out of the 18.1 million people who entered the UK in the three months prior to the coronavirus lockdown were formally quarantined. …

Some sackings are in order:

The Home Office has insisted that the scientific advice showed that placing restrictions at the border would not have had a significant impact on the spread of the virus in the UK. …

The government continues to allow arrivals into the UK without screening or enforced quarantine, which the home secretary, Priti Patel, said was based on advice from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage).

The UK Government is doing a really poor job of protecting its citizens. A lockdown, yet they’re not serious about preventing the COVID microbe just waltzing in across the borders. Odd. So inconsistent that it makes one wonder if something more than incompetence is involved.

But expecting government to protect a country’s citizens is so old fashioned in these globalist times. Nowadays too often government is a career choice, for promoting and enriching individuals.

Perhaps some are dreaming of the boundless profits of a worldwide combined flu and COVID vaccine, that the world thinks they need to escape death or perpetual lockdown?

In the meantime, the new cases curve in the UK is being flattened but not crushed. Which seemed odd, given their lockdown — why wasn’t it being crushed, like here? Now it makes sense — no quarantine. A lockdown is pointless if the borders are still open. The countries that have crushed the curve all closed their borders. Duh.

Same with the US. Their borders aren’t closed (and the left makes a point of not closing the southern border). They don’t even have internal borders, so their painful lockdown is essentially pointless. They flattened the curve for a while, but didn’t get rid of the virus. Either lockdown and quarantine for four weeks to get rid of the virus so life can resume normally, or … suffer the consequences of perpetual lockdown or overloaded hospitals. Epic incompetence unfolding. Trump has the potential to break through this mess and do something, but otherwise there seems to be little hope.

Are the UK and US doing it wrong out of incompetence, or due to malevolence on the part of the swamp?


Still today, no mandatory quarantine. The UK’s “Ruby Princess” had 10 million passengers disembark unhindered. And they wonder why their ‘lockdown’ is not working and there is a ‘Wuhan flu’ problem in the U.K.

hat-tip Chris