Our values will guide us, not Sweden’s: Frydenberg

Our values will guide us, not Sweden’s: Frydenberg, by Olivia Caisley.

[Australian Treasurer] Josh Frydenberg has rejected a Sweden-style open-economy approach to dealing with the coronavirus.

“Respectfully, I disagree,” the Treasurer said in reference to Sweden’s approach of implementing fewer social distancing measures.

Sweden has 40 per cent of Australia’s population, but 70 times the death rate,” he said. “The numbers speak for themselves.”

There is also a moral dimension to a society’s response.

Sweden: Population 10 million, 2,769 deaths so far

Australia: 25 million, 96 deaths

The Swedish policy of a looser lockdown than Australia (both of which have looser lockdowns than the US or UK, where the situation is medically far worse), is — by intention — not crushing the curve, only aiming to flatten it (on the way, they hope, to herd immunity). Australia has crushed the curve, perhaps completely in WA, SA and NT.