#FreeCandace! By John Hinderaker.

Earlier today, Candace Owens was banned from Twitter, where she has 2.2 million followers, because she encouraged Michigan residents to go back to work. This was the offending tweet:

That reminds us of the fact that the two California doctors who posted an hour-long video on YouTube challenging the government’s shutdown narrative were similarly banned. …

In both cases, social media platforms acted against their financial interests — Owens is one of Twitter’s top stars, and the doctors’ video had millions of views — in order to advance a political agenda. That agenda is pro-government, pro-statist, anti-liberty.

What was Twitter’s excuse? The only plausible one is that Owens was encouraging civil disobedience. (That doesn’t apply to the California physicians, obviously.) But there are a couple of problems with that justification. First, Twitter is happy to publish countless tweets that encourage illegal aliens to disregard our immigration laws, support sanctuary cities, and so on. The difference is solely political. The people who run Twitter are leftists.