Finally. Germany Bans Hezbollah and Raids Its Mosques

Finally. Germany Bans Hezbollah and Raids Its Mosques, by Rick Moran.

Since 1995, the United States has recognized the Lebanese group Hezbollah as a terrorist group. Key to this designation was the inclusion of Hezbollah’s “political” arm — a difference without distinction from the military wing of the terror group. The political/social services/charitable wing of the party is run by the same people who plot to kill innocents.

But Europeans chose to ignore the obvious and have lately recognized Hezbollah’s “military wing” as a terrorist organization while legitimizing its “political” wing by tolerating the radicalism in their midst. Hezbollah has set up radical mosques and community associations across the EU, despite their blood-curdling threats against Israel and the Jews.

But the scales have now fallen from the eyes of Germany, the most important nation in Europe. Germany has completely banned Hezbollah, with the interior ministry saying it now considers the entire group a “Shiite terrorist organization.” …

If the rest of the EU follows Germany’s example, it will cripple Hezbollah in a way that no military attack ever could. The terrorists use Western Europe as a safe haven, a quiet place to plan attacks and move people and weapons. No one knows how many Hezbollah operatives are in EU nations, but judging by the raids in Germany, their operations are extensive.

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Is this a straw in the wind? Are the globalists finally going to stop turning a blind eye to Islam? Will they stop flooding western countries with adherents to an antagonistic and incompatible ideology from the seventh century? The immutable death cult doesn’t exactly increase social cohesion and solidarity in western societies. Is this the start of halting the decline in the high-trust nature of the west, that was such a cause of success in the last few centuries? Don’t hold your breath.